The Yellow Line Project

The Yellow Line Project is a planned creative development based on events occurring between 1988-2008 which resulted in the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Tasmania.

Investigating the dozens of voices and individuals involved and examining a range of views and perspectives, the project will create a new Australian work in the form of a verbatim play written by award winning playwright Campion Decent.

With support from the central figures in this real life story, The Yellow Line Project will include a research phase, interviewing key stakeholders in a range of locations, the development and writing of a first draft of the play and a workshop leading to a rehearsed reading directed by Matt Scholten.

Project Team

Director & Creative Producer Matt Scholten

Playwright Campion Decent

Partners: Salamanca Arts Centre, Tasmanian Theatre Company

Supporters: Nick Toonen AM, Rodney Croome AM, Dr. Bob Brown

Please contact Matt Scholten if you would like more information or to support the project.


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