Mother at Belvoir Street

Noni Hazlehurst as Christie in Daniel Keene’s MOTHER Belvoir Street Theatre January 2018

Mother by Daniel Keene starring Noni Hazlehurst  has recently completed its season in Sydney at the Belvoir Street Theatre.

“Noni Hazlehurst delivers the performance of a lifetime. As much as any words it is the verbs and adjectives of her body: the coiling fingers and restless toes, the aimless arcs described by hands, the twitches and spasms, the shrugs and shuffling. As well as being finely observed, these are all so organic in their implementation that, as much as her delivery of 75 minutes of a withering text, they define what may well be the performance of Noni Hazlehurst’s life.” John Shand in The Sydney Morning Herald

“Noni Hazlehurst shines in one-woman play about homelessness. Hazlehurst had the role by the throat, presenting Christie as alternately feisty and conquered, angry and loving, and someone who can tell her story with honesty, wit and self deprecation.” Elizabeth Fortescue, Arts Editor, The Daily Telegraph

“Scholten directs with great sensitivity, never letting the play slide into sentimentality. With an unforgettable performance by Hazlehurst, it’s harrowing, heartbreaking theatre.” Jo Litson The Sunday Telegraph

“Essential theatre. Keene wrote Mother for as a vehicle for Hazlehurst and under Matt Scholten’s direction it takes just seconds for her to disappear into her role. She measures every sentence, every word perfectly and delivers an hour-or-so of pitiless storytelling flawlessly.” Jason Blake Audrey Journal

“Hazlehurst’s performance is brilliant: you won’t see better. ” Diana Simmonds Stage Noise

MOTHER by Daniel Keene
Featuring  Noni Hazlehurst
Directed by Matt Scholten
Lighting Design by Tom Willis
Sound Design by Darius Kedros
Set, props and costumes by Kat Chan
Stage Manager Bella Kerdijk
ASM Raine Paul
Season: January 24-February 11, 2018

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Images by Brett Boardman


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